• ark::csv::CsvReader
    This class allows you to efficiently read CSV files from disk. It will return each row individually, reading through the file line-by-line.

    This loosely conforms to RFC-4180, but it does take some liberties, particularly around whitespace (it will trim any whitespace that is not enclosed within parenthesis).

  • ark::csv::CsvReaderRow
    This is a thin wrapper over a row in a CSV file, allowing you to read individual columns if desired.

  • ark::csv::CsvWriter
    This can write simple CSV files out to the given stream operator. The basic flow is to populate rows with content, then ask the CSV writer to emit those.

  • ark::csv::CsvWriterRow
    A row that is intended to be written out by the CSV-writer.

  • ark::csv::CsvFormatConfig
    Formatting configuration for the CSV reader.

  • ark::csv::CsvReaderConfig
    System configuration for the CSV reader. Allows you to tweak internal parameters that may improve performance or reduce memory usage.