• SeverityLevel (uint32_t)
    An enumeration defining different severity levels that you can output at. This is useful for indicating to your users if this is an error, warning, or just informational.


Defined in “ark/debuglog/abstract_log_output.hh”:


  • ark::debuglog::AbstractLogOutput
    An abstract (base) log output class. All log outputters should inherit from this class. These are normally installed into a specific debug logger to handle output.

  • ark::debuglog::ConsoleLogOutput
    A log output that redirects text to stderr. This is useful for printing out to the screen, for debugging a program.

  • ark::debuglog::DebugLogger
    A specific instance of a debug logger. This allows you to write messages, at various debug levels (and/or severity levels), and this logger will format the contents appropriately and redirect to an output.

    The debug logger initializes with a verbosity level of zero. Anything that is more verbose will not be processed.

  • ark::debuglog::DebugLoggerPlugin
    This consumes debuglog messages and presents them in a debug log view, which allows you to see status of a remote system.

  • ark::debuglog::DebugLoggerSingleton
    This is a debug log singleton. This is the global debug logger for a process, and could be shared amoung many different consumers.

  • ark::debuglog::DebugLoggerStage
    This stage will register with the debug logger to retrieve all debug log outputs; these can then be emitted to the real logger (or sent over comms to remote viewers).

  • ark::debuglog::GoogleDebugLogSink
    A simple sink that redirects messages using Google’s logger to the Ark logger.

  • ark::debuglog::InMemoryLogOutput
    A log output that redirects text to an in-memory store. This is normally suitable for testing debuglog output. The in-memory store can be accessed at any time.

  • ark::debuglog::DebugLogRenderGroup
    Tracks a debuglog output group, along with how many entries inside that group we have successfully rendered.

  • ark::debuglog::DebugLogStatement
    This structure is populated when you log something; it is passed to the individual log outputs for formatting and emitting into their chosen medium.


Declared in “ark/debuglog/severity_level.hh”:

  • const char * severity_level_to_colorized_string(SeverityLevel level)
    Converts the given severity level into a colorized string. In other words, this will emit a ANSI-colored string, such as a yellow WARN message.

  • const char * severity_level_to_plain_string(SeverityLevel level)
    Converts a severity level into a plain string, suitable for printing.

  • SeverityLevel severity_level_from_string(const std::string_view & string)
    Converts a plain string to a severity level.

Declared in “ark/debuglog/stages/convert.hh”:

  • DebugLogStatement from_log_output(const DebugLogOutput & statement)
    Converts an rbuf debug log statement into a C++ debug log statement suitable for formatting and sending to the rest of the stack.

  • DebugLogOutput from_log_statement(const DebugLogStatement & statement)
    Converts a standard debug log statement to an rbuf debug log statement suitable for storage.