Defined in “ark/rtsp/abstract_rtp_decoder.hh”:

Defined in “ark/rtsp/rtsp_client.hh”:


Defined in “ark/rtsp/rtp_parser.hh”:


  • ark::rtsp::AbstractRtpDecoder
    Provides decoding of an RTP stream (the contents of the stream). Typically instantiated by the RTP stream parser.

  • ark::rtsp::H264RtpDecoder
    Provides decoding of an H264 RTP stream (the contents of the stream). Typically instantiated by the RTP stream parser.

  • ark::rtsp::RtpStreamParser
    Feed this incoming packets containing RTP data, and this will handle reorganization, validation, and basic-decoding of different streams.

    It only supports video at the moment, and will return a stream of images based on what the RTP stream is sending.

  • ark::rtsp::RtspAsynchronousRequest
    An asynchronous handle, so that you can make heartbeat requests and wait for them in the background, without interrupting the RTP flow.

  • ark::rtsp::RtspClient
    This is a client meant to communicate with an RTSP server at the highest level; basically just enough to send out requests, start streaming, and get SDP information.

  • ark::rtsp::RtspClientStage
    This stage will connect to a remote RTSP server and republish video to the rest of the pipeline.

  • ark::rtsp::SessionDescription
    This class represents a SDP object, allowing you to access the various attributes/fields in a SDP programmatically.

  • ark::rtsp::RtpPacket
    A partially parsed RTP packet this contains enough decoding information to sort and pass to the next stage of processing.

  • ark::rtsp::RtspClientConfiguration
    Configuration for the RTSP client.

  • ark::rtsp::RtspSetupResponse
    A response from setting up an RTSP stream, returning a valid port number to use for RTP (and an expected SSRC).

  • ark::rtsp::SessionMediaDescription
    Contains information related to a media stream.

  • ark::rtsp::SessionTimeDescription
    Contains information related to a time stream.


Declared in “ark/rtsp/abstract_rtp_decoder.hh”:

  • AbstractRtpDecoderPtr make_rtp_decoder(image::ImageDataFormat format)
    Makes a specific/concrete RTP decoder based on the given image type.