Log Amender Stage

The log amender stage allows you to write out a log amendment to the log that is being actively played back (or simulated) in a pipeline.

This will listen for data that is being written out from your stages, and push that to a new “log amendment”. This allows you to generate logs that contain the original data, along with newly written data, without duplicating the original data.


You must pass in a LogAmenderStageConfiguration to the stage. This consists of both an input URL (the path to the log being amended) and an output path for the amendment to be written out to.


The log amender constructs a new amendment on startup, and then writes items out to the amendment synchronously (as subscribers are called back).

There are no interactive commands in the log amender stage.


There are no metrics emitted from the log amender stage. It prints out the GUID of the amendment generated to the console.

A function exists to query the amendment from the stage directly; this is primarily intended for testing.