• ark::process::Process
    Allows you to construct and execute a process from within your code. You can control the lifetime of the process, along with managing standard output/error, and retrieve return codes.


Declared in “ark/process/execute.hh”:

  • void execute_process(const std::initializer_list< std::string_view > & arguments)
    Executes the given command (given by the array of command line arguments) and blocks until complete. Standard output/error will be redirected to your terminal. Throws if the process errors out (has a non-zero return code).

Declared in “ark/process/testing/helpers.hh”:

  • std::filesystem::path get_working_directory()
    Returns the path to our overall working directory, as an absolute path.

  • std::string get_test_program_path()
    Returns the path to the test program, based on the location of this testing binary.

Declared in “ark/process/testing/main.hh”:

  • int get_local_argc()

  • char ** get_local_argv()