Video Encoding Stage

This stage takes in incoming camera images, and then writes them out to a video stream. This stream is written to disk at the path of your choosing.

It is a mechanism for turning individual camera images into a video playback file suitable for use outside of this ecosystem.


Use the VideoEncodingStageConfig configuration to configure this stage. This allows you to adjust:

  • The channel you wish to read images from
  • The name of the codec to encode with
  • The output dimensions of the video (video will be rescaled to these)
  • The desired bit rate and frame rate of the final video
  • The output path to write the content out to


This stage writes the video file out to the path specified in your configuration. It does not allow any other control.


You can retrieve the VideoEncodingStatistics directly from this stage, which provide the number of frames decoded and encoded. This is mostly intended to assist with testing.