RTSP Client Stage

This stage allows you to connect to a network-based RTSP camera, and will publish the resulting image stream to the rest of the pipeline.


The RtspClientStageConfig contains details on configuring the stage. The major parameters are:

  • rtsp_server_url - The address (ie, rtsp:// of the remote RTSP server
  • username - If provided, authenticates with this username
  • password - If provided, authenticates with this password
  • thread_priority - Priority to set the for the reading thread.
  • thread_processor_affinity - Which processors the reading thread can operate on.

Authentication is done with the digest mechanism.


Frames are publishes as they arrive, and statistics are published at approximately 1Hz. No further interaction is available.


The stage publishes RtspClientStageStatistics at about 1Hz (occasionally faster or slower based on what errors/connection shifts are occuring).

This contains the full statistics from the RTP parser, along with any additional information on images producted, timeouts, errors experienced, and if the client is connected.