Defined in “ark/plotting/gui/abstract_plotting_manager.hh”:



Declared in “ark/plotting/gui/abstract_plotting_manager.hh”:

  • void initialize_field(PlottingFieldPtr & field, const std::shared_ptr< serialization::Object > & object, const std::string & channel_name, const std::string & field_name)
    Initializes the given field with the specified object, populating the object and field declarations as necessary.

Declared in “ark/plotting/gui/name_helpers.hh”:

  • std::pair< std::string, std::string > break_subscriber_name(const std::string & name)
    Breaks up a subscriber name into a channel name and type name, returned in that order in the pair.

  • serialization::FieldDescriptor get_object_field_descriptor(const serialization::SchemaRegistry & registry, const serialization::Schema & schema, const std::string & field_name)
    Extracts the descriptor of the field from the given object, recursing into child objects if necessary.