• ComputePathFlags (int32_t)
    Set these to indicate the best way to compute paths (essentially, if copying abc/def/g -> lib/. results in (lib/g or lib/abc/def/g).


Declared in “ark/supervisor/detail/paths.hh”:

  • std::string compute_destination_path(const std::filesystem::path & base_path, const std::filesystem::path & found_path, const std::string & release_path, ComputePathFlags flags)
    Computes a destination path for a file, given the base path, the discovered path of the file, and the release path.

    The rules are basically:

  • bool does_path_pass_package_filters(const std::filesystem::path & path, const ReleaseContentConfig & content)
    Returns true if the given path passes the filters in the content config.