Once you have an USB flash drive (or other suitable media) containing ArkOS, you can boot your machine with that drive and then install ArkOS to more permenant media.

This can be acheived through the /usr/bin/arkos-install script. This script will copy ArkOS from one media (your installation drive) to a destination media, and then resize partitions such that the persistent filesystem uses most of your disk.

For example:

~/ark$ sudo arkos-install /dev/vda /dev/vdb

For advanced users who are using UEFI and don’t want to overwrite their EFI system partition, it’s possible to boot ArkOS using refind. The kernel contains the initramfs, so you just need to install an ext4 driver, find the arkos-image partition, and then boot the /boot/active/kernel kernel. The initramfs should take care of everything else.