Defined in “ark/lidar/velodyne/data.hh”:

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodyneHdl32eId= 0x21

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodyneVlp16Id= 0x22

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodynePuckLiteId= 0x22

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodynePuckHiResId= 0x24

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodyneVlp32cId= 0x28

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodyneVelarrayId= 0x31

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodyneVls128Id= 0xA1

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodyneStrongestReturnMode= 0x37

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodyneLastReturnMode= 0x38

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodyneDualReturnMode= 0x39

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodynePpsStatusNoPps= 0x1

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodynePpsStatusSynchronizing= 0x2

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodynePpsStatusLocked= 0x3

  • constexpr uint8_t kVelodynePpsStatusError= 0x4

  • constexpr uint16_t kVelodyneBlockFlag= 0xEEFF

  • constexpr int32_t kVelodyneChannelsPerBlock= 32

  • constexpr int32_t kVelodyneDataBlocksPerPacket= 12


Declared in “ark/lidar/velodyne/intrinsics.hh”:

  • std::pair< Eigen::Vector3f, float > sensor_frame_position_from_range(const VelodyneCalibrationData & calibration, size_t laser_id, uint16_t range, uint16_t azimuth)
    Convert from the raw velodyne data to 3D position in the sensor frame.

Declared in “ark/lidar/velodyne/stages/velodyne_interface_stage.hh”:

  • void validate_config(const VelodyneInterfaceStageConfig & config)
    Verify that the configuration settings are valid.

Declared in “ark/lidar/velodyne/status.hh”:

  • double velodyne_temperature_celsius_from_raw_value(int32_t raw_value)

  • double velodyne_voltage_volts_from_raw_value(int32_t raw_value)

  • double velodyne_current_amps_from_raw_value(int32_t raw_value)