MultiSense Stage

This stage connects to a MultiSense device, allowing you to receive camera images over some number of channels, and publishing them to the rest of the pipeline.


There are many configuration options for the MultiSense. A simple example is to request a subset of channels:

    sensor_address: ""
    desired_image_width: 1920
    desired_image_height: 1080
    desired_frame_rate: 10
      - Luma_Left
      - Luma_Right
      - Luma_Rectified_Left
      - Disparity_Left

Please see the ark/multisense/stages/multisense_interface_stage_config.rbuf for the full list of configurable parameters. There are many parameters related to exposure and white balance that are not listed here.


Each camera frame that is read from the video capture stage is packaged into a CameraImage struct and published over an image channel.

The channel names are:

  • left/luma
  • right/luma
  • left/luma/rectified
  • right/luma/rectified
  • aux/luma
  • aux/chroma
  • left/disparity
  • right/disparity
  • cost/disparity

Additionally, the configured MultiSenseInterfaceStageConfig is emitted on the config channel, (be sure to apply the proper namespace to receive the channel data). The AutoExposureConfig may be modified dynamically via the autoexposure_config channel.
As an example, the exposure configuration can be changed to balance sun exposure.

You can also request that a pattern is emitted, by publishing a MultiSensePatternProjectionRequest onto the pattern_projection_request channel.


Various pieces of statistics and debugging information are regularly output on these channels:

  • version_info
  • device_info
  • network_config
  • status_message
  • sensor_calibration
  • camera_intrinsics