Swift Interface Stage

This stage allows you to parse data coming from a Swift INS device (such as the Swift Duro). It receives TCP packets that are expected to be encoded with the Swift Binary Protocol.

The stage will publish GPS fix information (potentially using corrections such as RTK), raw IMU information, filtered velocities, and status messages, depending on what mode the device is configured to operate in.


This stage has no configuration. It reads packets from the packet_group channel present within its own namespace. It is generally assumed that you are running either a TCP Socket Stage or PCAP Publisher Stage in the same namespace.


There is no inputs to this stage. It simply reacts to incoming packet groups, parsing them, and publishing results on the following channels:

  • /gps_fix - GPS fix (lat/long) information. This is always in the root namespace.
  • raw_imu_data - The raw IMU values (accelerometers and gyros).
  • local_ned_velocity - The local NED (north/east/down) velocities.


The stage periodically (at 1Hz) emits status information on the device_status channel. This contains information about the health of the Swift device, which is computed from messages received from the Swift.