There are a handful of variables to make working with the catalog on the command line and at build time easier.

There are two environment variables you can set:

  • CATALOG_API_URL - Determines the URL to the instance of the catalog you wish to interact with.
  • CATALOG_ORGANIZATION - Determines the organization GUID you wish to use.

If these are set in your .bashrc (or similar) you can avoid entering the --catalog-url or --organization command line arguments in many cases. Note that even if you don’t have the CATALOG_API_URL variable set, our tools will default to https://catalog.tbdrobotics.com/.

A cmake variable exists to set your deployment ‘prefix’ (for example, prod, staging, etc), if you are using an instance of the catalog that differs from the TBD organization.

Set the ARK_CATALOG_ENVIRONMENT_PREFIX cmake variable to the prefix.

You will also most likely want to change the ARK_CATALOG_AWS_ACCOUNT variable, which sets the account that we upload containers (such as the scheduler or API gateway) to.