Defined in “ark/distill/stages/distill_report.hh”:


  • ark::distill::DistillMsgStage
    Templated class for distilling information for a specific message type on configured channel. This base class is intended to be derived by a child class to override the distill() and summarize() functions, in order to best distill the information from the received objects.

  • ark::distill::DistillStage
    DistillStage is used to distil information from a stream of messages and generate a report of the information observed.

  • ark::distill::SummaryMsgStage
    Templated class for summarizing the rate and gaps of timed message types. This can be very useful in summarzing information from Sensor Data Message types.

  • ark::distill::MsgSummaryTimestamps
    Helper structure for capturing stats on Timestamps.


Declared in “ark/distill/stages/distill_report.hh”:

  • DistilledReportList compile_distilled_reports(std::vector< DistillStagePtr > & distill_stages)
    This stage collects all of the distilled data from the various subsystems.

  • std::string reports_to_json(const DistilledReportList & reports)
    Produces a report in JSON, formatted as a string. Most commonly, this report will be posted to an S3 bucket so it can be easily visualized.