• ark::awlog::AwlogReader
    This class is able to read in awlog files. It allows you to extract metadata about the underlying log, as well as iterate through the objects.

  • ark::awlog::AwlogWriter
    This class allows you to write out an ‘awlog’. It follows similar semantics as the standard log writer, but is more limited, writing only to a single file and omitting some metadata.

    This is typically intended to be used as a container format for consumption by the webviz log tools.

  • ark::awlog::AwlogWriterStage
    This class allows you to subscribe to channels and log their contents out to an awlog file. It’s mostly meant to be used in conjunction with pipelines that are running in simulation, and does not make any data integrity guarantees.

  • ark::awlog::AwlogChannelConfig
    Configuration for a channel that will be written out.

  • ark::awlog::AwlogManifest
    This is similar to a standard Ark log manifest, with the exception being that it is built for awlogs.

  • ark::awlog::AwlogWriterConfig
    Configuration to pass into the awlog writer, allowing you to specify where you want outputs written to and other pieces of metadata.

  • ark::awlog::ChannelManifest
    Manifest about a particular channel (containing name and type information).

  • ark::awlog::LoggedObject
    This structure contains a ’logged object’, which contains type information and raw bytes related to the object being read.


Declared in “ark/awlog/awlog_writer.hh”:

  • AwlogWriterConfig awlog_config_from_manifest(const logging::Manifest & manifest)
    Constructs a new AwlogWriterConfig from the given ’logging’ Manifest.

  • AwlogWriterConfig awlog_config_from_manifest(const logging::Manifest & manifest, const logging::Query & query)
    Constructs a new AwlogWriterConfig from the given ’logging’ Manifest. Supply an additional query to filter out channels from the resultant configuration.