• JavaScriptLogLevel (int32_t)
    Represents various log levels coming from a JavaScript console object.


Defined in “ark/js/js_log.hh”:

  • using JavaScriptLogCallback = std::function< void(JavaScriptLogStatement)>
    Definition of a callback that receives log statements.

Defined in “ark/js/js_runtime.hh”:

  • using JavaScriptFunctionPointer = std::function< JavaScriptValue(const std::vector< JavaScriptValue > &)>
    Represents a pointer to a C-based javascript function. This will be invoked when the value is invoked.


  • ark::js::AbstractModuleTransformer
    This class represents a generic module importer. It can be used to implement customized transformers for loading in arbitrary fileformats and turning them into javascript.

  • ark::js::JavaScriptRuntime
    Allows construction of a javascript engine, which allows you to execute javascript code from within your C++ code (and retrieve the results/variables again).

  • ark::js::JavaScriptValue
    Represents a value, bound to some particular javascript runtime and context. These values must all be destroyed before the host runtime goes down.

  • ark::js::RbufTransformer
    This class represents a transformer for rbuf files, capable of translating rbuf imports into Javascript.

  • ark::js::JavaScriptLogStatement
    A statement that was logged from within JavaScript.