Video Compression Stage

This stage takes incoming camera images, compresses them, and republishes the compressed image.

It can be used to reduce the amount of disk space consumed by logging images (at a compression cost).


The stage is configured with the VideoCompressionStageConfig structure:

  • input_channel_name - The name of the channel that images will be read from.
  • output_codec_name - The name of the codec to use for compression.
  • codec_config - Codec/compressor configuration.

The output_codec_name is used to instantiate a AbstractVideoCompressor, and the codec_config is passed to that compressor for configuration.

This allows you to compress with a variety of compressors, including jpeg, Video4Linux, or libavcodec.


All images received by this stage are compressed and republished on the compressed_image channel.


No metrics exist for this stage.